Globalization is the continuous process of networking of different events, belonging either to the field of economy, politics, technology, society or ecology, which takes place in different parts of the world but is nonetheless interdependent and has consequences far over country borders.

Definition according to the dissertation of C. Stehr



    Nowadays globalization touches manifold aspects of our everyday life: new information technologies allow real-time communication. Production processes are subject to continuous dynamics. The deregulation of markets has led to the increase of international competition. Sometimes, the concept of globalization is a matter of concern and is perceived as an external menace, as something against which we are powerless.

    Globalization can be redesigned! Globalization is a product of human action - no company is helplessly exposed to it. The opposite is true those who are open and flexible and deal directly with globalization processes can actively design globalization. Each person and each company can be able to manage globalization to its advantage.

Going Global
  • Assess the globalization potential of your personnel and your products
  • Enter new markets and develop new selling opportunities
  • Develop detailed knowledge about the characteristics and evolution possibilities of your target market
  • Increase your profit and achieve an additional information advantage towards your competitors

Polymundo supports you in globalization processes, helps you to perceive the chances offered by globalization in your business environment and use them in the best possible ways.



Our objective is to put our customers in a position to actively take part in globalization processes and gain a personal and company added value. We support our work with continuous research into the processes of globalization.

Polymundo not only provides customers with intercultural competences, we also offer specific advice regarding your product and your company in terms of "going global". We offer a comprehensive globalization training for your personnel - specifically tailored to your current needs.

What does polymundo mean?


Polymundo is the combination of the greek word "poly" (many) and the latin word "mundus" whereas mundus is translated into "world", so you have "many worlds". However, it also has other meanings such as "navel of the city", "centre of the world and of the cosmos". As a result, polymundo describes the variety our world offers.

Dr. Christopher Stehr is the founder of polymundo. For several years, he was head-manager for scientific planning and coordination of different projects. At the same time he focused on publications and wrote several articles about globalization and sustainability. He was also heavily involved in activities for knowledge transfer such as conception and consulting activities for the EXPO 2000 and the EXPO 2005.

During various trips and stays in different countries overseas (Brazil, Israel, Japan, the Phillipines and South Africa) he acquired not only comprehensive knowledge of local languages and cultures, but also established numerous contacts and could build a worldwide network of business partners.

Members of the polymundo team have comprehensive knowledge in the following fields:

  •     Globalization and International markets
  •     Interculturality
  •     Knowledge transfer
  •     Sustainability
  •     Global governance
  •     Personal coaching
  •     Marketing and IT

Our core competence is the analysis of your current globalization potential of your company and in the subsequent implementation of project schedules and procedures. Consulting performances can take place in German, English, French, Portuguese or Japanese.

The working method of polymundo is customer- and target-orientated. Our customers problems and their visions are most important for us. After a detailed analysis of our customers needs we work out a globalization strategy together with the client. That also includes project management processing, which will be tailored to the business of the company and the market conditions. Since polymundo collects not only market data, but also empirical data for the analysis, a scientific insight can be guaranteed.


    Consulting for globalization
    Interviews, presentations, seminars and workshops about globalization
    Consulting for emissions management
    Publications and scientific research papers
    Conception of exhibitions
    International project planning
    Process Development
    Globalization journeys

Our portfolio focusses mainly on small and middle sized companies but also on institutions, organisations, clubs and individuals. We consult and accompany you and your firm to successfully manage globalization processes nationally and internationally.

Globalization seminars

    Following our motto "let`s design globalization" we have developed this seminar in order to make the chances and the challenges of globalization easier to grasp. The globalization seminar is composed of a total of nine modules, which can be combined and swopped with each other according to the target audience. All aspects relevant to globalization will be discussed. We have a constant change between theory, pedagogical parts and reflection. Our clients needs and wishes are the centre point of the conception of each seminar.

    The seminar can also be tailored for companies as part of a future consulting performance, including specialised anaylsis modules.

Globalization Consulting

    The adaption to other countries, especially with regards to the different cultural characteristics require serious preparation. It is important to collect information for the country or region in a very targeted and comprehensive way. Those findings have to match identically with the ideas and plans of the respective business partner.

    Therefore, polymundo has a broad understanding of the concept of globalization and takes economic and cultural as well as political, social and ecological aspects into account. We offer you professional advice on suitable demeanour and tell you how to correctly "communicate" in the country or how certain things (such as colors, shapes etc.) are perceived.


The base for the successful work of polymundo is a diverse structure of national and international networks. Those networks are an important strategic resource.

Polymundo has a worldwide network of experts who are able to consult our customers in various fields. Furthermore, polymundo is part of a broad national network of entrepreneurs, scientists, universities and organisations. Therefore, our scientific and professional board is an important instrument to ensure an appropriate project management and development.



Prof. Dr. rer. pol Christopher Stehr

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